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Why Choose PPC?

In a digital landscape that’s constantly evolving, PPC advertising emerges as a beacon of targeted precision. These campaigns allow you to showcase your brand directly to those seeking your products or services.


Pay per click offers countless opportunities for your business’ digital presence and return-on-investment. It also smoothly connects with other fields like conversion rate optimisation (CRO), social media marketing, and search engine optimisation (SEO) to create an omnichannel strategy.

PPC Benefits

PPC Marketing Process

We focus on developing persona-centric messaging, ad creative, and content that delivers sales and leads. We’ll select the right channels that give you access to your target audience and increase the quality of your traffic.

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Thorough Research

It’s crucial we figure out precisely what your customers want, and extensive persona analysis serves as our compass. This enables us to construct captivating user journeys that speak to your audience at every decision-making juncture.

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Competitor Analysis

With some sophisticated reverse engineering tools, we will check to see what your competition is up-to. How they operate is crucial to your success as we can utilise their gains for your benefit.

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Keyword Research

We research and select keywords that align with your business goals and weed out the negative ones which may hinder the relevancy. We then combine them with the optimum traffic sources to focus on high user intent and cost-efficiency.

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Creative Advertisement

Crafting compelling ad copy and creative banners with a strong call to action is crucial to resonate with your audience. We will ensure they are laser-targeted towards your personas to drive high-quality clicks and engagement.

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Continuous Optimisation

Data always leads the way, and we’ll continuously adapt our approach, so it’s agile enough to react to maximise your returns and ensure your ads always deliver the best results.

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Campaign Reporting

As we work, we’ll consistently keep you informed through weekly and monthly updates. We’ll work with you to ensure that the reporting aligns with your expectations, delivering the necessary information in the manner that suits you best.

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Campaign Realignment

As the campaign progresses, the level of insight will increase, helping us know where to allocate your marketing spend. This enables us to discover more about your audience and continue to get the most from every pound you spend and whilst sustaining growth.

Why Choose Propelr

We have clear understanding of the PPC channels that best align with your objectives and the precise approach required for each campaign. This focal point receives constant refinement daily, positioning us among the top tier of PPC agencies.

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PPC Services

Search Platforms

Our expertise spans across search platforms, such as Google, where we excel in crafting and managing high-performing ads. 

Social Media

Unlock the power of precision with social media advertising. Our strategies navigate through demographics, reaching your intended audience with accuracy.

Feed Optimisation

As one of the most important aspects of PPC, we optimise your shopping feeds to make it simpler for Google to display your information.

Display Advertising

Programmatic and display advertising amplify your reach. Our strategies target those who align with your brand persona, leveraging multiple channels.


Our strategies align PPC with conversion rate optimisation, continuously fine-tuning copy, website layout, and calls to action.

PPC Reviews

Growth is nurtured through insights. Our PPC reviews and audits dissect your performance, highlighting successes and areas for enhancement.

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