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Propelr Marketing Strategy Elements

An ever-evolving landscape

Over the last several years there has been a significant shift in how people and businesses (across all industries) search for goods and services. To mention a few, online shopping and home delivery has skyrocketed, AI is growing exponentially with new tools and features rapidly being adopted by tech giants, and how significantly more searches are carried out on the mobile phone compared to on the desktop.

What does this mean?

It will be important to keep on top of trends, so you do not fall behind. Your competitors will be looking for ways to adopt tools to streamline their processes. They will be looking to leverage from the constant changes in the algorithm. They will update their strategy in accordance to guidelines and new technologies.


You need to be the ones who make the changes first, so you always appear at the top. The more your digital marketing strategy complies with the constant changing of algorithms, the more likely your audience is to see your website and convert!

Marketing Strategy Factors

Our digital marketing strategy process

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Our approach begins with meaningful conversations where we listen intently to your business journey. We invest quality time in understanding your goals, achievements, and past endeavours. This dialogue helps show growth areas, successes, and aspects needing refinement.

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Next, we harness the power of data. Through insights gained from your analytics platform and yourself, we conduct a thorough evaluation of your website’s performance. We examine each part that has contributed to your accomplishments, while also pinpointing opportunities for enhancement in areas that may have presented challenges.

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We recognise the importance of understanding your rivals. With thorough competitor analysis, we not only gain visibility into your market’s dynamics but also uncover opportunities that others may have missed. By anticipating shifts and exploring new methods you’ll surpass your competitors by offering consumers what they want and more.

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With insights and data at our fingertips, we set out on crafting a complete digital marketing strategy. Drawing from years of experience, we carefully weave together an array of channels and tactics. Each element is carefully chosen to resonate with your goals, ensuring a unified and impactful strategy that leverages your strengths.

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